Welcome to Rougemont Sport Horses!

Rougemont Sport Horses is transitioning to a Pura Vida lifestyle. Literally meaning purity in life, owners and veterinarians Ellen Ziemer and Jerry Waddle's change in focus was inspired by challenging life events and several trips to beautiful Costa Rica. Rougemont Sport Horses is transforming to a more peaceful, gentle lifestyle integrating our horses with a variety of animals, including miniature burros, a variety of livestock, pet and working dogs. Stewardship of the land is a high priority at our farm, including pasture management, maintaining water quality, developing silvopasture, cultivating trees, supporting wildlife, and preparing nature trails.

Our 12-stall main barn offers run-ins on each stall, as well as a large tackroom, feed room, laundry room and a climate-controlled lounge. Our 120 acre facility includes a fenced, lighted dressage arena and a lighted jumping and obstacle arena. We have a cross-country course with a water obstacle, ditch and bank and a variety of other natural obstacle. Our farm offers easy access to trails and is an easy hack to some Red Mountain Hounds fixtures.

We support the disciplines of dressage, eventing, fox-hunting, natural horsemanship, desensitizing to obstacles, working equitation, and riding for pleasure. We offer full and pasture boarding to a select number of like-minded individuals and their horses. Our facility is open to outside trainers as well as hosting clinics and schooling shows.

We also offer a number of quality warmblood sporthorses for sale or lease.